Scenic Design by Melissa L. F. Turner

Collage of source material

Show Curtain
Model of Ship yard
Groundplan of Ship yard
Detail of Ship yard Backdrop

Props Drawing
Sweeney's Blade
Model of Sweeney's Room
above the Pie Shop
Groundplan of Sweeney's
Sweeney's Barber Chair
Paint sample of the Bar
Research for Sweeney's Chair and Thumbnail Sketch

Thumbnail of Johanna's room
behind the gate
Model of Johanna's room
Groundplan of Johanna's
Thumbnail of Pirelli's Cart
Groundplan of Pirelli's

Blank Stage with details of the legs

Model of Asylum Gates
Ground plan of Asylum
Research of for the Asylum
Asylum Backdrop

Model Pictures
Model of Sweeney's Barber Shop
above the meat grinder & Oven
Detailed Drawings