Scenic Design by Melissa L. F. Turner

Collage of source material of Ancient China

Research for the Backdrop
Painted Backdrop

Model of Witches in the Wilderness
thumbnail Sketch of Wilderness
Research for the witches in the wilderness
Color Thumbnail
Research of incense burners
Props sketch of witches cauldron

Palace Courtyard
Thumbnail of Palace Courtyard
Research for the Palace Courtyard
Color Thumbnail of Palace Courtyard
Research of a teapot

Research of teapot
Prop Sketch of Lady MacBeth's wine jug

Prop Sketch of Banquo's Lantern
Research for Banquo's Lantern
Research for Banquet Hall
Color Thumbnail of Banquet Hall

Model for Banquet Hall
Thumbnail Sketch of Banquet Hall
Model of the Bed Room
Thumbnail of the Bed Room
Research for the Bed Room
Color Thumbnail of the Banquet Hall

Research for the Battle
Props Sketch of MacBeth's Ax